Bones - TheProcess

Bones - TheProcess
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    Bones - TheProcess
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Bones - TheProcess
Bones - TheProcess
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The process
(?) digest
How I got so much shit to get off my chest
Bones ain't even started yet
I ain't go my hardest yet
I rather whip a hoop then you can go and get your charter jets
Show out and try your hardest yet
Their ain't no argument, you washed like a laundromat
Matter of fact, fuck that, I wouldn't even call it that
Fuckin these bitches is fuckin everyone behind your back
Dirty as a motherfucker, If It ain't SESH, fuck it
If you see me out in public and you got a chain, tuck it
It's been a dream of mine to slap one of these five foot
Pussies into outer space and put them into orbit
Realities distorted If you think you more than
Anything but something to laugh at when (?)
Scrolling through my phone at the terminal while we boarding
Laughing at you now (?) I almost hope you never know that
Cause then you just might stop